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    I agree that it definitely complicates things and I sometimes do feel that a lot of my inhibitions are due to the fact that I am sort of repulsed by my own body and I do feel like I would be much more comfortable if I had a sexy female body. But part of what I like about nudity is not so much the exhibition but the fact that because I am inhibited I feel a sense of embarrassment and vulnerability from it and I think that that makes me feel somewhat better about my body, not that I can really speak from experience.

    So although I would like to have CFNM type of experiences in the ideal world I would have a female body and experience things more like CFNF or maybe even CMNF. I have never been attracted to men but the idea of being sexually objectified as a woman because of my nudity is an exciting idea to me and would probably feel pretty good even though it would still be extremely humiliating for me but maybe that is worth a topic all of its own.