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This was taken at the edge of a country park. Not sure it really fits the dare criteria for the master date list though.

Short story I got to the park about 6:15. Still plenty of light to walk around. I got half way round to this point and there was so many dog walkers going past it wasn’t feasible to get naked. So I walked round the entire park. Then walked back to this point. Being right on the edge of the park it has a country road that I thought would be dead quiet. As you can hear on the video I was wrong. I’m sure despite me hiding the main light source the camera light still showed enough. And car lights work pretty well. Oh well hope they enjoyed I think I was partially covered by the time any cars went by but yeah it wasn’t as quiet as I thought.

Lookong at the videos from the last couple of strips. Seems like stripping for a video is slower than just striping to get a photo? Anyone else find the same thing?


Anyway enjoy…..

[video src="" /]

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