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    @Prof Green

    Embarrassed and uncomfortable and fun aren’t mutually exclusive! I know that if I were in a naked situation I would be absolutely dying of embarrassment but it would also be exhilarating for that very reason. I just think would be interesting to make a calendar of people who are like naked for the first time and who might be awkward or reluctant about it. Again it would obviously be consensual and everything and they would agree to it, but it’s fun to see people who are sort of awkward and uncomfortable about it rather than people who are exhibitionists, something about people sort of smiling coyly and blushing while naked in a picture I think is very attractive, and I know that that is exactly what I would look like if I were in such a calendar!

    To me it would be especially funny if it were like sort of a surprise calendar where people are basically asked if they would like to be in a calendar but then only when they arrived they learn that surprise surprise it’s going to be a naked calendar! Obviously they can choose to back out at that point but I think that there would probably be a lot of people who were awkward and uncomfortable about it and who nonetheless would bite the bullet and have fun with it, even if it made them extremely embarrassed by it. You know sort of like you are having fun with it but at the same time you like oh my God I can’t believe I’m actually doing this! Totally an unexpected surprise!

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