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@Prof Green

I’m interested in the idea of Platonic casual CFNM but I sometimes wonder if it’s really possible. In all of the situations that you listed I mean there may be some people who wouldn’t see it as necessarily sexual but to me it would definitely feel that way even if the other person didn’t intend it.

The way I see it if you have a dressed woman who is exploring your body out of curiosity and she is a heterosexual woman I don’t see how that could not be seen as sexual, here is a member of the opposite sex intimately examining your body in a very explicit way and having fun and enjoying your sexual characteristics. It is certainly charged and not neutral. In fact given the rarity of a woman being in that position over a man to me makes it even more intensely sexually charged.

Likewise with the nude modeling. Even if it was all about the art to me that would still be in a situation where I was in an extremely submissive position to women who are intimately examining my body and sexual characteristics. And again even if they are professional about it, assuming that they are heterosexual women I don’t see how they could be painting or drawing a completely naked male and not somehow find that sexually charged, and I have definitely written a couple of stories and put a lot of scenes like that in my own stories, so you are right an art situation like that really is an intense situation of CFNM and has a lot of potential for stories. If they would even sign up to draw a naked man you’d have to assume they would enjoy the idea of it.

I know that there are some people who can see nudity as sort of a nonsexual thing, but even if I was in a situation with a woman who didn’t find me attractive or was a lesbian or something like that, maybe she wouldn’t be really getting any sexual charge out of the situation from me being naked, but still to me just the fact that I was naked and she was dressed and that she was getting to see every inch of my body and all of my secondary sex characteristics in an intimate and close up and personal way, I just couldn’t see how that wouldn’t be an intense experience.

Of course attitude does make a huge difference as well. To me CFNM is still CFNM regardless of the situation and reaction, all it requires is a naked man and a dressed woman or women. But attitude does make a huge difference. If I was just posing naked and the women were professional and not saying anything and just going about their art that would be different than if I was up there and they were screaming and whistling and hollering and talking about my body in intimate details and clearly getting off on the rush of having me naked while they get to stay dressed, or actively mocking the fact that I didn’t have clothing, to me that would put the intensity absolutely over the roof and just off the charts.

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