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Yes, the situation does matter. I suppose it depends what you mean by CFNM. The time I had to quickly strip naked with a fully-dressed female friend was entirely about having fun – doing something joyful – and even though I looked extremely turned on by the situation, we were playing a game that was almost entirely about curiosity about each other’s bodies, not about sex. Maybe it was a bit like a grown-up game of doctors. Maybe it wasn’t actually grown-up at all, come to think of it. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

The time I wish I’d let someone draw me fully naked and (knowing the way she thinks) probably in a very exposing pose, that would have been different. I would definitely have seen it as sexual, whereas she would have seen it as a job. From her point of view, she wanted a model and I’d have been volunteering to help her create her art. From my point of view, I’d be putting myself in a sexually charged situation with her. It was that difference that put me off volunteering, but I wish I had now as I missed out on a good experience. Is that CFNM, though, or is it just modelling for a friend?

If I worked as a model for strangers, either paid or volunteering, I have no doubt I’d simply see it as doing a job even if they turned out to be all women. It might be different if only one woman turned up on the night. A one-on-one nude modelling session does sound quite intense. Maybe that would count as CFNM – it could certainly be a starting point for a CFNM story.

The art club had booked a life drawing session in the church hall with me as the model. It turned out to be a heatwave. It was so hot that I was certain nobody would come to the session, but – just as I was about to leave – someone I recognised walked nervously into the room. We both took our kids to the same yoga group. We’d never spoken before and I hoped she didn’t recognise me. I’d only seen her in tracksuits before but today she was dressed for the height of summer in a short floaty dress that the sun shone right through. She was about to set her easel up in the room but then asked if I’d mind her drawing me outside in the garden area. I knew it wasn’t overlooked very much so nervously agreed. We went outside….

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