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“a picture of me naked that she could show to her friends” – there must be a dare or a forfeit in there somewhere!!!

  1. The naked loser (X) has their photo taken and shown to a name picked out of a hat?
  2. The fully dressed loser has to show a naked photo of X to her friends?

I can’t work out who is really the loser – who would come out worse from that. X for having their naked photo shown around, or their friend having to show anyone a nude photo of X. (It could work well if X was obviously naked but the photo was tastefully shot.)

“they always know what you look like for basically forever”

Well, they knew what you looked like at the time. I’ve sometimes read interviews where women have said that, with hindsight, they’re now pleased they had some nude photos taken when they were young because people think that’s still how they look now.

Long ago, someone started dropping hints that she wanted to draw me naked. Her female flatmate was getting sick of being the model. I stupidly ignored the hints. More recently, I’ve wished I volunteered (or dropped some hints back at her), partly because it would be an experience we could look back on and maybe repeat today, and partly because I’d see what I looked like at the time.

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