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    @Prof Green

    Your story was actually quite fascinating to me and it expired an idea for a story from my blog. I can’t remember if links were allowed in the main but if they aren’t I could send you a link to the story in private. It was a really hot idea honestly.

    And you are right there is something extremely subversive about the idea of a man being naked around a dressed female friend, that is something that I think really doesn’t happen and I think that that can create a close bond simply because of the rarity of it. I think that when you are naked you tend to open up more and be more honest and I do think it’s a rare thing for a guy to be exposed naked and vulnerable to a fully dressed woman like that. And I suppose it’s possible to keep things Platonic but I think that that would somehow change the relationship, there would always be sort of that dirty little secret between the two of you. Even if it doesn’t develop into a full-blown sexual relationship there is still sort of that friends with benefits aspect that dirty little secret that she has that she got to see you naked.

    And I do think it is exciting when you have a person particularly who probably wasn’t expecting that who suddenly realizes that they are in a unique position to perhaps push the limits of this. To me that is the fascinating part, to see what an average woman would do if she had that opportunity and how far she would take it.


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