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@Prof Green

I have to say that was a really hot account and that is like a perfect CFNM experience and I think that several things probably made it intense. First I think the fact that you totally weren’t expecting it, second is the fact that right away you were completely naked and she was completely dressed, so it was total one-sided inequality. And then there was the fact that she was obviously very enthusiastic about it because she knew she had you at her mercy. To me that’s what I think would make it really intense, how they react is everything, and when they are obviously mischievous just like she was to me that is what makes it really exciting because you can see that she knows that she has you in this uncomfortable awkward position, basically able to do whatever she wants and you are basically stuck there like a deer caught in the headlights and you can see that she is clearly getting a rush off of the entire thing, and that she is highly enjoying herself. I think that that is a very great if not ideal CFNM experience.

If you are just platonic friends though and that was the only time you ever did that I have to imagine it must be somewhat awkward or give a same charged tension feeling when you saw each other after that, because whenever she looked at you she could be picturing you naked!

And I think that maybe when others were doing that in various different stages of undress probably didn’t give you the same buzz because it wasn’t entirely one-sided. In your case it was a case where you are totally stripped right off the bat, she wasn’t stripped at all, and it was just you and her with all of the focus and attention on you, very intimate.

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