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    @Prof Green

    “This image (from wikimedia commons) illustrates the problem very well.”

    I’ll say, the look on her face is absolutely priceless! You could see the way she is looking and smirking she is probably thinking I was probably going to be one of many naked women here, and now she’s like I’m the only naked woman here and all of these guys have cameras and I am going to be all over the Internet later!

    I’ll admit in the opposite situation if I showed up at an event where I thought there would be mixed nudity and I was only the only guy there naked with a bunch of dressed women, yeah it would be hot, but good God would it be uncomfortable and I would be feeling really awkward if they were all standing there with cameras and I think that I would be afraid to show my face in public for a while after that!

    But it is worse to be the only naked woman around a bunch of flesh hungry guys. Women outnumbered a naked guy would be embarrassing and get lots of amused laughter from women, that woman with all those dressed guys must feel like meat on a plate! Women have a harder time getting over the reputation of being that naked chick than guys would being that naked dude.

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