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    I guess the question kind of seems a little bit weird to me about the close up. What’s more embarrassing than a close up.. I would suggest photo 8 is probably more embarrassing. Especially if you include your face.


    I probably won’t include my face for photos on the internet though. At least not while I’m of working age.

    There are obviously far more embarrassing things you could set but they take this from being about nudity to more fetish/sexualised images which is not what this place is really about.


    Is there something here like image 8 is uploaded to another site. I was trying to find something like a life models website or something whereby the final picture is a pose for a life drawing or something. Like the picture is submitted to the Reddit drawmensfw site and see if there are any responses to it. Maybe include a picture here of it being uploaded and the link incase anyone here is an artist’s and wants to try.



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