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    I’ve been naked in public quite a few times but exploring is a broad term.


    Never really gone for a long walk as such but I did recently play a game with the other half. We have a long footpath nearby it probably takes 20 minutes from one end to the other to walk it. Its a mud path with trees and hedgerow all along it. The path start at the end of a long private road and finishes on the corner of a very rural backroad which is not used much.

    I have a fantasy about this path for another day but the other half doesn’t drive making it difficult to do. That’s a story for another day though.


    Last time out we walked about half down this path to a long straight bit probably 400 meters long or so. At the start of this path she stopped, I had to walk until until she told me to stop. When stopped remove one piece of clothing and leave it there. From there continue walking away until she said stop again and repeat this until naked. Started with shoes, then socks, then t shirt, them jeans then boxers. Once completely naked i returned to her at the start. My clothes where now spread out pretty much all along the whole 400meters. I then collected each item 1 at a time bringing them back to her. Walking back and forth starting with the nearest items first. Walking along that path naked back and forth so many times and many of them with no chance of really covering up until the last 2 walks was exciting. I left my boxers off when I was getting dressed after collecting all the clothes and left my zip undone on the jeans and my cock and balls hanging out for the walk back to the start of the path.

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