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I’m going to be offline for a couple of weeks (nothing personal!) but here are some quick thoughts:

For the experiments, I was originally attracted to the community by the thought of seeing (and hopefully participating in) the experiments and I assumed they’d include men and women. For participation, the reality is that I’m extremely unlikely to ever be in the right place at the right time.  I’m surprised people don’t want “theirs” to be written about. Maybe it would help if they were shown them before publication to check that enough personal details have been changed.

I don’t know why people get angry. They can see quite a bit of the site for free, and the KoFi options aren’t expensive, so if they don’t like it, just move on. If I go to a cafe and don’t enjoy it, I just don’t go back. If they’re friendly enough I might tell them that it was a lovely cafe but not for me personally because (insert actual reason here) (cake too small, coffee too weak, chairs too packed in, music too loud, whatever)

About seeing and being seen, I like both, and this community provides both. My (hopefully permitted) current profile image is me, and I like it when others post their pictures. Even the very few pictures that I don’t like very much can start a conversation going. I probably could describe myself as a naturist (not sure about nudist) and nothing here conflicts with that. It’s not as if we’re pretending this is a naturist site until people get through the door and then we bombard them with genitals.

I seem to be writing longer posts these days. I must enjoy the chance to chat about part of my life that most friends and family wouldn’t be interested in, so I’d want to keep the discussion forum going. I like the blog videos – would it be easy/useful to add a forum for discussing them? I like the dares and the vote-off competitions, though I admit I don’t currently participate in them. Looking at the vote-off instructions, the final close-up photo seems to conflict with the rule about no genital closeups, and maybe means more with male photos than it would with female ones, so I’d drop that final photo personally.

The only other change I’d make is what I’ve said before, and I still know nothing whatsoever about design, but the colouring, the typeface on the front page, and the skin background all look incredibly masculine to me. Maybe a colour palette taken from a wild flower meadow would be more inclusive, or maybe it’s just me. Nobody else has ever said it!!

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