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Some excellent points there. I think some of them apply to social media in general not just regarding nudity. If a teenager posts a photo of themselves extremely drunk or making rude gestures or with “questionable” political views, those can also seriously impact future careers etc.

I suspect the current generation is heading into a world of pain on that front.


Nudity for a generally acceptable protest can be argued to be fine BUT you don’t always get to argue the point. You just won’t get the job, or when there’s a staff reorganisation, you suddenly don’t have a job anymore. Also, who decides which protests are acceptable and which are not. WNBR is reasonable safe, I would argue, but can you say the same about the annual Slut Walks?

Maybe the problem is that we always think of there being a clear line between work life and private life and that has become very blurred now with photos and videos being shared widely online and businesses using the web to do character checks on people.


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