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There have been women in the group over the years and some have offered extensive advice on the subject. Most of the changes to attract and keep female members have been suggested by female members.

Our most recent female member seems to have vanished without trace.


I get a similar problem with the Naked Experiments. Women are often very keen to take part but then don’t want to do it again. From what I’ve been told there’s no problem with the experiments, it’s just something they wanted to try out and now they have. No need to do it again. I suspect this community has the same effect.

There’s also the other thing that everytime a female member starts posting comments etc. a sizeable chunk of the male membership immediately sends “Friend” requests and starts private messaging.

Someone suggested (sorry, I can’t remember who) that we should ban men messaging women and that men should ONLY be allowed to reply. It’s probably a good solution, but the forum system doesn’t support that and if I set it as a site rule, it’s going to be hard to enforce.