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  • On railroad tracks – £1000 fine in the UK – Not sure if it’s illegal. – Wow. I’m not aware of that in the US. Other than the normal public exposure risk.
  • By a city, park, etc sign – Good.
  • Outside the stall in a public restroom – Not sure about this one (tone-wise) but no problem otherwise. – Probably correct on this one. Probably is the wrong tone.
  • At the beach or lake – Good.
  • Next to or on a piece of heavy construction equipment – Good.
  • In front of a vehicle – Good.
  • Inside some type of business – Is this too vague. Sort of “naked at work”? Yes, some type of Naked at Work scenario.
  • Swimming – Hard to photograph? True. This is probably redundant with the lake or beach idea.
  • By a mail or postal box – Good
  • In front of an open window at night with the lights on. Other lights or such should be visible in the background so show that you are exposed. – Good.
  • Sitting in the middle of the road. – Good (but my only worry is participants aren’t always young – getting up before cars arrive could be risky?) – True, another good point.
  • Hotel hallway or stairway – Good.
  • In an elevator – Good but CCTV? True, but with the number of cameras these days that will be true on a lot of dares. Care should always be taken when choosing location.
  • In a drive thru car wash or changing clothes while going through it – CCTV is standard on those around here. Same as above.
  • At a gas pump – Again extensive CCTV coverage. My nearest petrol station has 20+ cameras. Yes, they are a lot more common now. I’ll have to look around and see if there are any good spots in my area too.

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