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    I think a slight erection acts some authenticity to a photo of a sexy situation, just as in the video that started this discussion. They can even add comedy value sometimes. As @grgsum says, it’s important to act naturally as, after all, it is a natural thing, and (on the beach) it’s not necessarily about being sexually aroused in what is meant to be a non-sexual situation. When I first started playing strip games, once I’d got used to being seen naked, it was by a long way the most embarrassing thing though. We even made it a male forfeit for a while to stand there until they got an erection. The women said it was only fair – they felt disadvantaged by the spreadeagle dares!

    The pictures I dislike myself are when hen parties (or whatever) appear to get out of hand and the strippers are waving their erections in the women’s faces. The women don’t seem to mind at all – I suppose it helps them have a good time and make a complete escape from their normal lives for an evening but it still looks manipulative to me (especially if reluctant participants have been plied with alcohol) and, in any case, I wonder how many of the photos are genuine.