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I’ve had several opportunities to explore the outdoors while naked.  A favorite was to go to a nude beach, I’d shed my clothes at one end of the beach, and hike about a mile to the other end.  There were a lot of rocks to climb on and tide pools to explore.  Sometimes climb the dune or the cliff to get a better view, or to provide a better view of me! The feeling of sun and breeze on bare skin was sensual and exhilarating, and the mere thought of being more than a mile from clothing, shoes, keys, wallet, etc was exciting indeed.  But no one would be shocked coming across a naked person on a nude beach.

As well, I’ve hiked on trails nude, which adds the excitement of being naked where perhaps you shouldn’t, and the risk of being seen.

And perhaps riskiest of all, several times, on warm nights, I’ve taken naked walks in the neighborhood – down my driveway to the street, down the block to the intersection and back again.  Very exciting – my senses feel alive, and any sound no matter how soft -sends the nerves racing!  Cars can approach quickly, and here in the desert are limited places to hide.  I guess I’d be the subject of some neighborhood gossip, but I think the neighbors suspect I’m a nudist anyway…



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