Kindle Unlimited?

How do you prefer to get the Experiment reports?

Do you prefer paying a price to make a permanent copy available on your Kindle/Android/Windows/iPhone devices or just a temporary lend on Kindle Unlimited for free?

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  • Purchasing the e-book version from Amazon
  • Reading it for free on Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime
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        As you know, the first two reports are out on Amazon (and the third will be appearing imminently) but only the first on is available free on Kindle Unlimited (also available to Amazon Prime members). If you buy it as an e-book, you get to keep it forever, whereas reading it on Kindle Unlimited is only a temporary lend.

        I’m trying to work out if I would raise more money to support this site by making all future reports available on Kindle Unlimited (as well as e-book format) or keeping it to just the first one. The site earns less money from Kindle Unlimited (even with twice the readers) but I know some people prefer to avoid purchases on Amazon which count as mature content.

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