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      Ok I put up one photo so far.

      Happy with that but i noticed how much of a faff it was to take the picture, setting the camera up and stuff then getting to the right place to stand.

      As I’m playing catch-up on the first set of dares I’ve decided to ask for some help.

      I need help taking the photos cause it’s a pain to do it myself, it will also spur me on to do the dares as well if I’m doing them in front of someone. Harder to back out with peer pressure.

      Does anyone live any where near wiltshire who would be willing to help me.  I wouldnt do no 13 at my house but I’m willing to do it if someone could host me at their house or we could find a venue to make it possible.

      This is a genuine request.

      I noticed one of the dares is by the roadside. This one has me thinking about a dare I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never found anyone to be able to help me.

      I get In to a car and play the traffic light game. Ie. each time i see a red light i have to take off an article of clothing.  Once naked I get blindfolded and noise cancelling headphones out on with loud music. The driver then keeps driving to a point of their choosing where I am told to get out  and stand there naked for 1 minute. Then get back in the car and the driver drives on for 5 minutes before taking off my headphones and blindfold. I wouldnt know where I was naked or who may have seen me until I see the photos later.

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      Sadly I don’t live anywhere near Wiltshire. I’d spend time at Stonehenge if I did.

      Regarding your dare, I like the sensory deprivation idea. Blindfolds are always good – they add to the excitement and provide a good disguise, though you’d have to trust people not to grab it off your head. I tried playing strip traffic lights once but I was driving so it was ridiculously unsafe and I abandoned it but as a passenger it sounds like fun. I had some relatives (so it was really weird to hear the story!) who played strip car types with some friends. Everyone chose a car type and whenever they saw one the relevant player had to remove an item of clothing. They used relatively unusual car types so I don’t think anyone ended up naked but they enjoyed it.

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