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      As so often with these, I’ve no idea what’s going on but I’m impressed – for them and for their funder – that an official-sounding organisation was prepared to support it. “Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes”.

      We need a National Fund for Getting Your Kit Off, which is “Fondo Nacional para quitarse el kit” apparently. I’m extremely pleased it’s going to be called quitarse.

      (It seems that this performance is a response to “patriarchal logics, the economic system and its consumer laws, science and its insatiable thirst to experiment with women’s bodies from gynecology and studies of hysteria in the early twentieth century.” – I should have guessed.)

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      Sometimes just watching and letting your mind fly free works just as well. But agree that there needs to be a National funder!

      funnily enough, I do have an idea to be filmed once lockdown is over (anyone want to message me about it, I’ll keep you in mind to assist dependent on location!)

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