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      Hello All!
      I just recently joined this page and have seen the countless forums about the lack of activity. I don’t know how to suggest this respectfully, and perhaps the owner of the page has thought of this already. But, I was thinking that if this website focuses on more Embarrassed Nude content. This could be the form of  Embarrassed Nude Male or Female (ENM/ENF) situations, pictures, dares and such. If we do this, we might have more activity here as the community For those genres is pretty strong. Also, ENM/ENF isn’t really hard core porn, so we don’t have to worry about that issue.

      I consider myself embarrassed  about my nudity, and this experiment speaks to me because there are many hypothetical situations that I try to think myself out of regarding nudity.  The concept of naked dares thrill me, maybe one day I’ll get the courage to post something , but until then I am looking forward to seeing the place grow!

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      Welcome @thefbifiles – yes, a lot of the embarrassment is a bit hypothetical at present!

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