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      Catching up, I’ve seen a few posts about the site costs and money recently. It’s got to be a year since I sent in a membership Ko-Fi and I seem to remember them lasting 3 or 6 months, though I could have bought a year, my memory is rubbish.

      Without getting too political, we’ve voted in a bunch of corrupt robbing bastards in the UK so I’m permanently skint and can’t afford to donate, but if I and presumably others haven’t had a reminder owe you, then please let us know 🙂 Might have to wait til the end of the month though!

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      That’s terribly honest of you, @seasider. I must have been in a hurry when I set up your supporter status, because I failed to enter you on my spreadsheet. Consequently, I didn’t send you a notification and I wasn’t aware that your status expired last year!

      Don’t worry, it was entirely my mistake so the end of the month will be fine!

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