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    Wow, thanks for the support, Prof Green, those are some great ideas. I admit I’m new to this NE world, but I’m trying to jump into it, since everyone here seems to be having a lot of fun with it. Admittedly, I have moved back in with my family during quarantine due to financial reasons, and they are very much opposed to this lifestyle, same with the neighbors who can be rather nosy and usually have small kids playing in the street. So anything involving a window or very long timeframes may be out of the question. I also do have some very serious body insecurities, so I do like the idea of simply standing in front of a mirror for a minute without covering myself. And yeah, the main challenge here is for me to do something new and unusual with a trigger outside of my control. Maybe once I get on my feet and living alone, I would be willing to try triggers and dares outside of my control, but one step at a time. So unless I hear any better ideas, I’m going to go for the minute mirror idea, maybe at 5 likes? And maybe if I get 10 likes, since picture uploads seem to be working again, I can post a picture of myself nude to the site. That would be a real challenge for me, but something I’ve wanted to try for a while. Does that sound okay?

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