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Forgot to post my review about the beach, not the resort as I chose to stay elsewhere for the reasons mentioned above…

The beach is called Filaki Beach and is indeed fully naturist as stated by the sign on the road. However, there is no sign for the beach on the main road so the area is almost exclusively visited by the resort’s residents and very quiet (didn’t see a single car coming to make a U-turn in two days). This is not a sandy beach, only gravel / rocks so definitely bring sandals ! One good point, the sea tend to be very calm compared to some other places I visited and the water is crystal clear. Upon arrival you have to register at the small bar to use a beach bed / umbrella, it’s free for people staying at the resort but visitors have to pay a fee (can’t remember how much exactly but that was not very cheap). The waitresses are fully clothed and not very smiling. Sunbathers are indeed allowed to be naked at the bar.

On a side note, I’ve found a way nicer location two hours drive from there, in Matala. It’s called Red Beach and is clothing optional. I’ll definitely visit Red Beach again if I have the chance to go to Crete another time, not sure I will visit Filaki Beach…

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