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    “I suppose knowing what someone’s erection looks like is more intimate than just knowing what they look like naked. I’ve been wondering a bit recently why telling someone to take all their clothes off – to strip until they are completely naked – is different from other dares and I think it is to do with the illusion of intimacy. You don’t really know me any better because you’ve seen me naked but it does feel that way.”

    I think it is because however much we would like to tell ourselves otherwise to most people nudity is sexual and to be stripped naked and exposed to other people you are being exposed as a sexual being and once they have seen you they can sexually fantasize about you in an accurate way and you can never take that away from them. Once they have seen you naked they know every little nook and cranny of your body in an intimate way and they know what most people don’t get to see about you and can picture you naked at any time. Personally I think that feels a little bit intimidating! Especially if the nudity is one-sided and I can’t do the same to them.

    “Maybe daring me to drink a lot of gin or to let someone text one of my female friends from my phone is much more scary but being naked feels literally more exposed, even moreso with an erection.”

    I think being naked with an erection is way more humiliating than being naked without one! Again I think it goes back to the fact that it shows that you are a sexual being and you are being physically turned on. If I was naked in front of a group of women and they saw me getting an erection they wouldn’t just be seeing me naked, they would know that they were also controlling my body because the experience was turning me on. It would be giving away the fact that although I was utterly humiliated that the humiliation itself was turning me on and that itself would even compound the humiliation. Hell, even without being naked being seen sprouting an erection is quite embarrassing!

    “A recurring thought that I have is that it would be interesting to be filmed on my daily commute but to be naked for it – part of an experiment perhaps (and maybe not my real commute!) – just to see the reactions of others.

    Certainly CFNM is a possibility in private, and CMNF seems acceptable in some public areas (excluding nude beaches etc) given the availability of videos showing that, which is probably why I’d want to challenge the norm by being a male naked in public.

    But if it was the status quo, would that ultimately be boring?”

    I think that that is a pretty good point, being a male naked in front of women is sort of going against the status quo and that is why I think it’s kind of exciting. So thinking of the entire status quo being turned on its head would be kind of interesting.

    Again I think this might be a manifestation of my gender issues, because if I had a normal female body I would prefer just to be a sexualized naked female and I would enjoy being part of the sex that is more objectified sexually and that is more often displayed naked and expected to be naked.

    But if I can’t have that I would rather the status quo be flipped so that men were the ones who were seen as the sex objects. I feel like it would be an exciting feeling even though it would be quite awkward and embarrassing, but again I totally find that feeling to be exhilarating!

    It would be interesting to see how the average guy deals with having the sexual status quo were reversed on them and suddenly finding themselves to be the vulnerable and exposed one in front of a world of powerful women who view them purely as sexual playthings.