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    The naturist in me is quite cross and frustrated that I can’t go for a naked walk through a public park by a river on a sunny day without someone calling the police. On the other hand, the inappropriate voyeur in me knows I would stare and try to take photos if I saw a female naked rambler wandering about. Also, I know this is horrible, but if a naked woman (and probably a naked man) was attacked, the police and courts would inevitably blame the victim for being so disgusting. I can see why most people tell themselves and each other to remain fully dressed except on the beach etc., but I don’t know why so many people find nakedness offensive. I can understand them finding it inappropriate, but not actually try to get it banned.

    There’s also the body-image aspect to it. A common excuse for getting naked at home or among friends or online is that you’re proving that normal people look normal – very few of us are built like models or have the ability/determination to conform to our gender stereotypes (weight, location of muscles, bouncyness of boobs, size of penis, shaving arrangements etc etc.) and I agree with that, so that’s another reason society’s disapproval of nakedness is annoying.

    Is that because people equate nudity with sex, and want to keep sex private and consensual? I imagine so. On that basis, if I walk through town naked, I’m doing sex to people who haven’t consented, and that’s a really bad thing. The answer to that is to campaign for nudity and sex to be kept apart from each other in people’s minds, so I can see why naturists get cross when people do equate them. It’s misunderstanding what they do and undermining their freedom to do it.

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