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OK.  I came up with a framework for a vote-of that should make things more interesting, and satisfy the desires of more of both participants and voters.  Here goes –

Participants can wear whatever they like, but there is a base number of required photos:

1. Fully clothed, 2. Fully clothed verification photo, 3. Top off (bare chest for men, bra only or hands over breasts for women), 4. Bottoms off (only underwear), 5. Naked from rear, and 6. Naked from front.

Women participants get and xtra photo, 3a. Top off breasts uncovered.

Here is where it gets interesting:

participants have the option of buying additional photos, AND, can specify the order in which they are revealed.  For instance, they can remove their bottoms before their tops, if they wish.  If they buy the optional hands covering genitals (nude) photo, they can specify if it is revealed before, or after, the mandatory nude from the back photo.

Optional photos might include the hands over genitals nude sho as mentioned, other additional poses, and/or additional items of clothing such as undershirt, hat,  tie, socks, up to a total of maybe 8 to 10 total photos between fully clothed and naked.

This brings strategy into the game for participants, and a little of the unknown for voters.   You might think wearing more items might lessen your chances of being exposed naked, but people might vote more for you because of it?  A person who starts out fully dressed in a suit may, or may not, have extra pictures and may remove jacket and shirt as one “top”, and someone wearing a sweatshirt may, or may not, also have a photo in  at-shirt.  And just because a participant starts out in shorts and a t-shirt doesn’t mean they’ll have their clothed votes off fast – they could have additional poses.

Nobody would know who had exactly what.  Mystery!

This is just an idea, but it might also be worthwhile to allow more timid participants to “fold” at a certain point before being stripped fully naked.  At a cost, perhaps.  And this is a bit of a crazier idea but, maybe, there could be a round where voters vote who gets to put back on an item of clothing?

just ideas to think about.  Curious to see what people think?