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    @susan, yes, very nice body. I can see why she had the confidence to accept the challenge of volunteering. @Auxilia, would she have dressed up at all if she was a plant? She’s dressed like a normal member of an audience but maybe that’s just careful production. @ed and @Auxilia, I hope they were all briefed that at least one of them would be stripped, but maybe not all of them. That’s why I would have liked to see their reactions at the end. Was she surprised to be the only one naked?

    This would make a good game for a late night show at a holiday camp. We stayed at one once where even the early evening show involved audience members racing to present clothes they were wearing to the host. “Put your knickers on your head” was the biggest surprise, given the family audience. That was when I was a teenager but it reminds me of when I was older and my sister-in-law took her bra off on stage for a dare. I think the prize was a bottle of champagne but she kept her teeshirt on so won a bottle of normal wine instead. As with the holiday camp, this wasn’t a special “adult” show – it was just presented as a harmless fun party game.