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    I like the way has themes which people (ideally male/female pairs I think) take as dares and send in photos of themselves completing the challenge

    The ideas I listed before can all be done on your own (assuming you’re better than me at taking photos of yourself). That set me thinking though. We could have dares organised by level of scariness but we could also have solo dares, couple dares (undress each other?). group dares (maybe the easiest to document but you’d need a group of like-minded people).

    I needed help with the photo because I’ve realised I lack self-photography (and maybe escapology) skills but that also set me thinking. Could we have a forum where people discuss how to take better photos? I used to follow voyeurweb years ago when the site felt gentler than it does now. Most of the comments people added to photos were variations on “nice tits babe” but sometimes people would offer helpful critiques of each others photos.