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@profgreen From what I’ve heard, naked charity calendars sell (which is the obvious aim) MUCH better when women are naked in them. Calendars with just naked men sell well within the club or organisation, but those with female nudity can sell in their thousands online.”

And this is an interesting point relative to what I brought up about male versus female nudity. It shows that society is obviously much more desiring of female nudity and much more comfortable with female nudity but whether that translates into women feeling more comfortable being naked is hard to determine. It could have the opposite effect of making women feel more self-conscious about their body seeing as there is so much female sexual objectification.

But on the other hand I do feel that on some level it goes back to my point about what I am saying, women are more used to being seen as sex objects and having their flesh exposed, which I think for men is sort of an uncommon experience, to be seen as sexual objects or to have their naked flesh made a topic of interest. Naked women is the societal norm with things like CFNM being more like kink. Society expects women to be naked, views women more for their bodies than they do men’s bodies. Naked or nearly naked female bodies are displayed much more and women are more likely to pose nude or nearly so, not just for calendars but in all areas of society, not so much the case for men.

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