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    Arthur I think we are coming for a similar place, I too am new here but thought I would explain my ‘kink’ below to see if it fits with your thinking.

    Your post really got me thinking about where my person kink around embarrassment came from. Mine is  directly linked to the feeling of embarrassment, but only that embarrassment due to ones nudity. Meaning being embarrassed by being made to perform on stage is just a horrible experience, while having to be naked in front of clothed women is both horrible abut also arousing. Interestingly this arousal also happens when seeing someone else’s discomfort with nudity, particularly, but no exclusively someone I care for. Hence my kink extends to both me and my partner being nude and embarrassed.
    The final key to my kink is then the repeated reliving, and subsequent re-imagining, extension exaggeration of those situations experienced. Be that putting myself in the embarrassed persons shoes or by making the situation more extreme on the repeated retelling.