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    “We don’t have enough members yet to be anything like a viable statistical sample. But, in the longer term, it’s something I want to pursue.”

    True and since this website seems to be overwhelmingly dominated by men it might not produce an accurate representation overall. It would be interesting to do the survey as broken down by gender as well. It would be interesting to see if one sex seems to be more of the exhibitionist or confident and which one would be the shy awkward type that is more reluctant to get naked.

    There might not be that much of a gender divide. I think maybe because society is much more accepting of the idea of naked women and because women are more sexualized that that might make more women to be exhibitionists although most traditional knowledge suggest that men are more confident and exhibitionist about being naked because women are still raised to be more “modest” so to speak and more ashamed and embarrassed about their bodies and women who are comfortable enough to be exhibitionists are sort of rebels in a sense.

    But speaking as someone from the more shy side I am thinking that a man being naked in front of a woman, particularly when she is dressed and in a position of dominance or power, would probably be more intense than a naked woman being naked in front of a dressed or powerful man simply because it’s such a strong reversal of the sexual status quo.

    As you are probably guessing from my posts here I really think a lot about the psychology behind nudity and the power relations behind that. I think that that is my strongest interest in regard to nudity, particularly one sided kinds.

    “I’m very cautious of promotional links but in this case, I’ll probably allow it. Can you private message me the link first and I’ll get back to you.”

    OK I will send you a private message. It is simply a link to my CFNM novella.