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    The one we played most frequently was a dice game called Click (, which was a copy of Yahtzee. You roll five dice and try to make a pattern out of them (3 of a kind, straight, pairs, full house etc) but if you can’t make a pattern, you can score points for the number of 1’s or the number of 2’s or whatever in your hand. You can only play each pattern or set of numbers once. The rules are readable via the amazon link.

    To get everyone naked eventually, they have to start with six garments and take something off each time they don’t make a pattern. That’s what we normally did at first. To make a much tamer version, let people put something back on each time they roll a pattern for the first time. That still makes people excited/nervous, but it’s almost family-friendly, assuming your family is weird enough. The in-between version, and this is the sexiest one, is to play the tame version but another player chooses what you take off. A run of bad luck can get you topless or bottomless at some point. Do you let people stay sitting down with their arms wrapped over their bits, or do you make them stand on a table each time they take something off?

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