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    It depends if I’m doing a dare, playing a game, or playing a character.

    1. For a dare, definitely streaking across the stage is much less embarrassing (and easier) than stripping one garment at a time, so I’d want to arrive on stage naked.
    2. For the game, the stripping would be part of the game, even if the forfeit was to strip (or be stripped) very quickly. it would be very embarrassing but that would be a big part of the fun, so I’d want to undress on the stage. A compromise would be to go behind a curtain each time and come out wearing one less article of clothing.
    3. For playing a character in a play, I’d do whatever the character needed to do.

    Thinking of going behind a curtain to strip, there used to be a TV programme in the UK called The Hitman and Her, with Pete Waterman and Michaela Strachan hosting evenings in nightclubs. It was mainly about giving a media outlet for Acid House music, but it included a “clothes swap” game where two pairs of blindfolded competitors went behind a sheet to race to swap all (or normally just most) of their clothes with their partner. The sheet was taken away when the time ran out, even if any of the competitors was still a bit exposed. There was a light behind them so their shadows were back-projected onto the sheet while they tried to quickly strip naked and get dressed again. Occasionally Pete and Michaela would very briefly lower the sheet to try to catch the women competitors topless. Those were the days!

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