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Now you’ve got me thinking of places where I could do this!!

It’s also got me thinking about the level of challenge being different for different people. I can imagine myself doing this dice-walk one but it wouldn’t be easy, so it’s probably about the right level for me.

I read an article somewhere in which the journalist had challenged herself to go out without a bra. I don’t think she said why. Maybe she wanted the challenge, or maybe she was investigating a fashion trend, or maybe her boss told her to do it to increase the readership. Who knows? Anyway, she found it a real challenge at first. She debated with herself about wearing an extra teeshirt, or wearing a jacket, but decided in the end to go for the full experience and just wear a teeshirt, not making any attempt to hide her nipples poking through. As we all would guess, she quickly got used to the feeling, realised that nobody was blatantly staring at her, and decided she could do it again if she ever wanted to. The point that struck me though was that it was a real challenge for her.

If someone on this site today told me to strip immediately, I probably would. If they wanted photos, I might, but it would increase the challenge and I might not. I’ll probably have a go at the dice-walk challenge but the time and place would be under my control, so does that make it easier? If I was on the beach and the deckchair attendant suddenly arrived and told me the chair was free if I took by trunks off, would I do it? Probably. Would my wife take her bikini bottom off in exchange for free use of the deckchair? Probably not.

I think that’s why the examples I put in the original post were things that I dared myself to do. They were more about me pushing my boundaries than about me taking a submissive role, if that makes sense. Or perhaps taking a submissive role to push my boundaries.

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