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    I expected it to be about the experiments – reading about them, seeing photos of them, hopefully participating in them, discussing them. Instead, I found a community where we could talk about each other’s naked experiences, ideas, plans, fantasies etc in a place that felt safe and welcoming. I’ve used it to offload, and try to understand, some of my past naked experiences that feel a bit odd these days, but it’s also given me the inspiration to try out new experiences and dares that I would never have done without this community. It’s always interesting to hear the different attitudes to nakedness that people have, whether it’s about erotic stuff, or freedom, or protest, or mischief, or a way of paying the bills, or all of the above, or whatever.

    If I had a magic wand, more people would stay around for longer, and female members would be more active in the discussions – getting naked isn’t currently, as far as I know, a condition of membership, and people who just want to chat are welcome. If I had an even more powerful magic wand (or probably a large altar decked out with every possible magickal artifact) people would be falling over themselves to take part in experiments that would run all over the country, and we’d all be sending in pictures of our naked activities.

    I imagine @ed wants to know how to work the magic, but unfortunately I have no ideas at the moment. My spells only work inside my head so I can’t even cultivate a few significant herbs with any actual benefit to the community. On a more practical level, perhaps we could look at successful mixed-gender photo/discussion groups to see what makes them tick. Call me an old cynic, though, but I suspect most of them are about selling us stuff, either directly through product placement or indirectly by harvesting data to target the advertising we see. Going back to thinking about this community, it’s the lack of commercial subterfuge that makes it attractive so we need to somehow crack the problem of marketing it without commercialising it in a damaging way.

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