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I was going to say that my first CFNM has stuck firmly in my mind but I think it’s actually my only time. I was home alone with one of our (very occasional) stripgame group. I’ll call her Sue. We’d just agreed there was nothing on TV, and I caught the expression that quickly crossed her face. I offered to make some coffee but she smiled very broadly and said she’d make it if I took something off. She was probably thinking I’d take a sock off just for a laugh. I suggested a dice game – we each roll two dice, subtract them, strip off that number of clothes, then the most naked one makes the coffee. I wasn’t expecting much, if any, naked skin to appear. We’d played that game in a group before and it’s normally quite a slow strip, especially if you plan ahead and wear a few layers, or you can add an “even numbers” rule to slow things down a bit. (Only strip if the difference is 2 or 4.) I wish we’d used that rule this time!!!

Sue wanted me to roll first of course, and unfortunately I rolled a 1 and a 6 so five things had to come off. My heart was in my mouth! The trouble was, I wasn’t planning to play a stripgame so I wasn’t wearing very much. I was immediately completely naked in front of Sue who was fully dressed. Normally during stripgames we’d pretend to keep ourselves covered with cushions and arms, so although we’d been naked together before, we hadn’t been fully exposed to each other for more than a few seconds. This time, her face was pure mischief. She said I’d lost the game and demanded a forfeit. I was worried that she’d send me outside, but she told me to stand with my hands behind my back as if they were handcuffed, so that she could look at me. I was extremely aroused by this point, which made even more embarrassing. She hadn’t seen me that way before.

My feelings obviously included embarrassment but I also shared the sense of mischief that Sue was completely full of. We were experiencing something very naughty and subversively enjoying it. After a few moments, that felt like an age, she sent me to make the coffee and by the time I came back my erection had subsided. Sue took her turn with the dice. I don’t remember her score but whatever it was she took her top and bra off “to make it fair” and, unlike previous occasions, she didn’t try to hide. We agreed to stay that way for half an hour and then get dressed, which we did, and everything felt quite normal by then.

Looking back, the initial shock when I realised I was going to have to strip completely naked in front of a friend was the scariest part. Standing there while Sue looked at my body (from across the room) wasn’t as bad as I thought, though she must have seen my heart pounding itself out of my chest at first! Spending time later with me still naked and Sue topless was pleasant but almost felt “normal”, certainly compared with the CFNM we had started with. I’ve done the same forfeit since then with several of us in the room in various states of undress and it’s challenging but nowhere near the same buzz.

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