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    “I happened to be the only one naked” – Yes, there is (for me) a difference between happening to be naked where that’s (almost) accepted, and ending up naked where it’s challenging. I think that’s what made me say “With strangers on the beach or in open countryside – not a problem” above. I don’t bother covering up when I’m changing on the beach. I change as quickly as possible, and nobody has ever said anything. If I find a secluded spot, I get naked knowing that if anyone saw me they’d realise I was being discreet. Similar with camping – it’s quite easy to catch sight of someone changing or getting up in the morning, and I don’t think twice about who sees me or who I see.

    On the other hand, I used to play stripgames and do dares, and that’s a fantastic buzz. Deliberately walking naked along a textile beach would be a big challenge. Even walking naked along an empty beach would be scary (in a good way!)

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