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I’d like to do the searching and be searched. If I could only do one, I think probably being searched would be better. The speed of the search would be something to think about. I’ve lost stripgames where I’ve gone quickly from dressed to naked, and other times when it’s taken quite a while. I think there is a balance between the shock value of being suddenly stripped and the nervousness of being gradually more and more exposed. If it takes too long, I get used to it and it stops being exciting – it just turns into a game which is fun but not massively challenging. Maybe you could have two searchers – nice and nasty – who discuss what they’re going to do to you next. Sometimes they’ll decide very quickly and other times they’ll take a while. Sometimes they’ll pull an item of clothing off you, sometimes slowly remove it, other times they’ll make you take it off yourself. Very slowly taking someone’s knickers/underpants off always works well!

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