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Thank you for the suggestion. It’s always good to know people care.

I post stuff almost every day. Recently the Master Dare List has seen many new submissions (3-4 per week). There’s the Vote-Off going on then there’s the blog posts (1-2 per week) and posts and polls in the forum. Admittedly the live chat has been quiet recently – I’m still wondering about removing that as I don’t see what it does that the forums don’t already cover.

I simply haven’t got time to run more until at least the Vote-Off finishes.

The Weekly dares were a problem. They cause even more work than the Vote-Offs but with essentially no return and I don’t think doing the same one over and over will work, so we need to think of new ones each time. I haven’t had time to design a new one and I asked (on MANY occasions) for suggestions for a sequence of dares which work in both the UK and the US, but no-one suggests anything most times.

Sorry to be so negative, but the whole point of the Master Dare list was for it to completely replace the weekly dare challenges. It is less of a shambles and produces results which are more public (last time I checked, each photo gets something like 5x as many views). Right now I’m focusing mostly on things which might help towards the running costs of this site and I’m spending more time than I can afford on the community.

I think we’re going to need a replacement for the Vote-Offs which works better. The ideal would be female participants (LOTS more voting) but no-one wants to do that.

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