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I’ve been thinking a lot about it  but, being new to the group and having some concerns about privacy, will probably look ahead to #5.  I am all too happy to share my thoughts, though.

As to whether the here should be outdoors pictures for the vote-off challenge, the answer really comes down to what it is all about.  In short, it is about voters causing a number of participants to remove their clothes until one or more are exposed naked to he world.  The point for the participants is giving control to an unknown group of people to  abuse them to be exposed naked.  For them, inside or out doesn’t matter other than the added risk of being caught in public when they are making the photos, which may obviously limit participation for many.  Whereas the participants photos are all taken in advance of any voting, voters should recognize that their collective votes aren’t really causing the participants to do anything, just to reveal what they have already done up to any photos being revealed to the world.  Thus, the question becomes “does it matter if the photo that exposes them naked to the world is made indoors or out?  I think, if it hinders getting more participants (more would make it more fun and, probably, a better fundraiser) then it may not be worth doing outside photos.

As for potential for any participants from the US, it probably depends on where they are, specifically, and thier own access to outside spaces the are comfortable with, and how much risk they are willing to take.  It also just has to be recognized that the US is very socially screwed up.

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