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mine has always been the same… I am with my friends out in a pub and we start playing a game (one I am confident of winning) through my own bravado I say I bet you anything I will win. This bet is accepted and one friend says ok I will write down what the loser has to do and seal it. Only the loser can open it and do what is inside. I readily agree and so does everyone else and the game begins….. I eventually lose and I’m very nervous and I’m handed envelope but I think its just the guys they will want me to down some shots or sing on karaoke. I open the envelope and it says – you must go to jukebox put on a song then go to front of pub where the stage is for bands and slowly strip totally naked for everyone here. I feel my mouth and and heart pound I don’t want to do this but i cant lose face. My face goes flush as I consider my humiliation there is no way out there’s a slight rush of excitement but mostly its fear ……… this is my naked nightmare and there is no way out.

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