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      Hello all!
      I am very shy about my nudity and being seen naked by stranger, but I want to try streaking/being naked in public. Is there any advice you can give me so I don’t (or lower the chances) of being caught naked?

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      Prof Green
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      When I need a naked fix, I wander round the garden at night or, in the summer, very early in the morning when it’s light but not much chance of people being around. Where we live, we have to put the bins outside the front door on binman days and I sometimes do that naked. There’s a much higher chance of being seen but it would only be for a couple of seconds and would be deniable if challenged later! Many years ago I walked quite a long way round my neighbourhood at night a few times just wearing a coat that was open but I don’t think I’d do that these days with the chance of getting caught on CCTV and always the risk of being accused of flashing.

      Thinking of wearing an open coat, I’m jealous that women can wear just an open dress and fasten it if someone is coming. I’ve seen that advice given to naked ramblers, but for a man to grab shorts and ideally a teeshirt takes a bit longer and is more obvious.

      You could try to find a place where very few people go and you can see them coming. I’m sure I once saw a woman stripping a man naked on a riverbank which was quite a long way from the path so he, or maybe both of them if they were stripping each other, could safely be seen without any risk of the person seeing them getting anywhere near them. I couldn’t stay – I was with a female friend who thought it was funny but not something she wanted to hang around observing.

      There’s always the beach of course, depending on local laws and customs. If people see that you’re making the effort to be discreet, they’re unlikely to give you any trouble.

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      CCTV is a growing problem. With doorbell motion-detecting cameras (to film people walking up your drive/path or in front of your house), covert CCTV in garden lights and super tiny CCTV cameras which are near impossible to spot, it’s very hard to avoid being recorded without your knowledge.

      Some of my neighbours have got a shared online security camera system where they all record video from multiple cameras to the cloud. All of them can see through the other’s cameras or replay recordings for the past 30 days. I can see the security advantage of it, but it puts us in a world where I’ll comb my hair before putting the bins out in the morning.

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      Start simple. Go into an unpopulated area ( wooded ideally), make sure no one is around and strip off. Then walk, or run, to a point and return to your pile of clothes and get redressed.

      next day, repeat but time yourself .

      next day, ,’challenge yourself to stay unclothed for longer / go further away.

      when you are ready, try it in an open field or similar.

      I always prefer having someone with me if possible (it rarely is though) as they can act as a lookout, an encourager, and even pretend to be filming you to act as a cover story (“lost bet” or whatever)

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        Prof Green
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        Having someone pretending to be filming you is a very good idea. I have been known to do a very extravagant bow to a nonexistent audience to make it look as if I’m doing a dare, just in case…

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      Being with someone who can pretend to be filming is a good idea indeed. Otherwise I would STRONGLY recommend to do this in a place where it’s legal to be nude ! For my personal experience, I tried in Spain where many beaches are clothing optional, first on deserted beaches then on more crowded ones… I just can’t wait to go there again, but for now I stay clothed.

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