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      I wonder if people who contribute to Naked Experiment may feel vulnerable if they get one of these spam emails. I know I did. There’s no need to. Just keep managing your passwords.

      Thousands of people all over the world have been receiving sextortion emails from scammers who include the victim’s real password in the message.

      BBC Trending reporter Jo Whalley has also been sent one of these emails. Despite having no worries about her browsing history, Jo was concerned when one of her current passwords showed up in the subject line of the scam email.

      She’s been finding out how cyber criminals have got hold of people’s personal information and how you can protect yourself from hackers.

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      I’ve been getting about 10-20 of those per day for weeks now. The only passwords they’ve specified were ones I used a LONG time ago so I assumed they’ve hacked a site I haven’t used in a long time and are relying on most people using the same password in lots of places and never changing their passwords.

      The past few days I’ve been getting an identically worded e-mail but with a password which I’ve definitely never used. They can be unnerving at first, but you get used to them and end up deleting them without a second thought.

      Like all the others, I’m guessing they’ll fade away in a couple of months or so.

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      If I may:

      A site that records info from the breaches that you can look for your info and be more aware what might be out there


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