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      I believe the audience for this one was made up of invited friends, family and workmates (not totally sure). If it was an audience of strangers, would you want to try this?

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      The only times I’ve seen female colleagues topless were occasions that toplessness was socially normal. One was in holiday photos. That set me thinking about how it would have felt to be there with her and her family on the beach. Would that have had any impact on our work relationship? Would it have made us feel closer when in fact there was no reason to? I don’t know. Another time, I was at Bournemouth near to a mixed group of friends where they were all topless (women as well as men) and that set me thinking along similar lines. Would it feel normal? (I hope so.) Would it feel strange? Would it alter relationships? Obviously they already knew each other well enough to go to the beach together.

      The other time was, again, a “normal” situation. My wife and I went to see a colleague’s new baby. Her husband, also a colleague, led us straight into the room where she was feeding the baby entirely topless. She made no effort to cover up and I made a strong and hopefully successful effort to act as if nothing strange was taking place, which of course it wasn’t. Breastfeeding is about nutrition, not titillation. I changed jobs years ago, but we remain friends.

      So thinking of this TV show, if one of my friends had some need to get naked in front of us, her family, other friends (maybe the sort of crowd that would go to her wedding evening do), I hope I’d be supportive and not at all creepy. I’d probably just neutrally (and curiously) ask her why she was doing it. I really don’t know how I’d come across though.

      This does feel different from a couple of near misses though. One time, I was at my wife’s staff Christmas do and it was one of the men’s birthdays. The women started working out who should flash their boobs at him as a present. My wife cheerfully said it was time to leave so I don’t know what happened. The other near miss was when someone got very drunk and wanted to play a strip game but we were certain she was very far beyond giving informed consent!! On both these occasions, any nakedness would have been part of the night out, not part of normal day-to-day life so would probably have been completely straightforward fun with no positive or negative impact on relationships beyond the general sense of camaraderie that comes from rowdy celebrations.

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      nude in front of an audience of strangers? Have done it in art installations and as a life model plus you include the times I’ve been to a wnbr, nude beach or swim, it’s probably in the 1,000s.

      Recommend everyone to try it. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself!


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        Totally agree, I’ve challenged myself to go nude at nudist and clothing optional beaches, that’s just amazing how better you can feel about yourself after experiencing this !

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