How difficult would it be to organise something like this?

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      I like books such as People of London (other similar volumes available) where the aim is to capture people as they are. I wonder how to convince members of the UK public that a naked version was was a serious social project and not just an excuse to ask folks to get their kit off.

      Once we’ve solved the book problem, the promotional video should be straightforward! 🙂

      (Although, come to think of it, it’s not much different from a naked charity calendar.)

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      I have been involved in a video shoot for VICE where they asked “members of the public” to strip each other on camera. That was in London and after a New York Artist has done the same – VICE wanted to see if it was possible in the UK. That I saw it on a casting site dispels the idea of “general public” but proves it is possible.


      Mind you, the tv dating show Naked Attraction went to actors and models casting sites for their first series….

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