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      Is being naked in front of a small number of people (say 20) easier than being naked in front of a much larger (say 1000) number of people?

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      The most I’ve done OON with is much nearer to 20 than 1000 so I don’t know. I can imagine 1000 being easier because you can’t see most people’s reactions. On the other hand, if the naked person is physically attractive, with at least 1000 photos and videos, one must be very likely to go viral, which is only ok if that’s what you want. Another aspect is how long you’re there for. If you’re just putting in a quick appearance (like in Life of Brian), 1000 definitely sounds easier. If you have to walk through them, that would take ages and a lot of people could be looking closely at you. That would be a bit like the very badly named “walk of shame” in Game of Thrones, or several generations ago when some prisoners were regularly “paraded” as part of their punishment.

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      I appeared in an advert a few years back. For a football game. Streaking in front of a crowd of people – probably about 100. And that was easier than a small number.

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