Does body-paint make you feel less naked?

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      It looks as if being painted would be an interesting, and extremely naked, experience.

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      No it makes you feel slightly more as you are reminded more naked because you are being painted on rather than being looked at from afar.


      However, you take on a different personality that is more bold.

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      I’d say that the sensation is the same as you can still feel the wind on your body and the absence of clothes. However, the perception from other unaware people is totally different, if you look at the video when the camera is in the distance nobody paid attention to her, and from the distant images it’s not obvious to tell she’s bottomless.

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      Being body painted, for me, does make it feel like you are wearing a layer on your skin and therefore I feel less naked.

      much the same as wearing any jewellery or even glasses – if i go full nude then I prefer absolutely nothing on me.


      the attached image is of me, obviously, taken from a screen still of a feature film. The small logo in the corner is the film review site logo….

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