Did anyone attend any naked events during summer 2019?

Forums Naked Activities Naked Events Did anyone attend any naked events during summer 2019?

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      We didn’t come close to announcing all of them this year (the media usually doesn’t cover them until after the event, if they bother at all), but as some of them are annual events it would be good to build a list of them and update the dates each year.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I did the Manchester WNBR. That was fun, but cold. Naturist foundation has it 5k run this weekend and there is north east skinny dip also.</p>

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      The only naked event I know is the World Naked Bike Ride, I went as a spectator in Brussels last year but it was 99% men so I didn’t like the mood. This is really something I’d love to do one day but more likely in a city like London where participation is large from both men and women.

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      I went on a couple of WNBRs, went to a nude bowling evening, a naked meal in a restaurant, some long weekend events at naturist clubs, a couple of naked visits to galleries and a few nude walks. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some others. I want to be more naked in 2020, maybe including at a NE event.

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