CFNM Exciting Cause It’s Strange & Taboo to be Naked When Women Aren’t

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      I was just thinking that one of the reasons why CFNM was exciting was because it was very weird and taboo to be naked, particularly around members of the opposite sex who are keeping their clothing on. In society it’s generally accepted that people wear clothing most of the time, and that if they are getting naked with the opposite sex it’s usually because they are about to have sex where they are mutually naked together. There is sort of a weird feeling to being naked when other people are dressed, and I think that that weird out of place feeling is partially what makes CFNM exciting, it’s sort of a taboo to be naked around other people who are still adhering to the dress code like that. Does anybody else feel this way?

      While I fully agree that there is nothing wrong with being naked, you still can’t easily overcome society’s natural programming, even if you are the type like me who questions every aspect of society. Feelings are not something that are as easily overcome as intellectually realizing something. So if I found myself naked amongst a bunch of dressed women it would still feel like it was intense, at least partially because the excitement comes from the fact that it’s such an unusual feeling and such an unusual situation in this society, and I think that’s partially what makes it exciting.

      In fact if it weren’t for society’s inhibition and taboo around nudity CFNM might not be exciting at all, so I am at least partially glad for it being there. If everyone was comfortable with being naked all the time and went around naked all the time there wouldn’t be anything that stands out about a CFNM situation.

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